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Day 226 of 35 (Day 16 of NaPoWriMo)

Past a verdant entrance, eschewed, disconnected.
Parenthetical emotive flame
low enough to veil cadence and demand.
The sea questions me with ambiance, salt and camphor.

A slow manner lets loose the cant of conspirators
Language cannot mar the lady, though
on pages
lingers pain and memento.
Today my sad tongue passes saints: part question, mostly enamored.

Let go silent fool of the “very”, no
let pass a
mass of seagulls and rams–
novel, abridged, epic.

* Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt instructed us to pick a poem in another language and, without reading the translation, “translate” the poem primarily using the sound and line breaks. I haven’t been good about writing every day of April. In part, I haven’t been inspired by the rhyming prompts. I’m a bit ridgid when it comes to not being comfortable with rhyme. Mostly, though, the weather in southern California has been nice, so I dig in the dirt and plant seeds. Also, I had a doozy of a cold the past week and a half.

Here is the poem I “translated” from:

Pasé un verano entero escuchando ese disco.
Para que la emoción no se le fuera
lo escuchaba una vez cada día.
Si me quedaba hambriento salía a caminar.

A su manera la luz cantaba esa canción,
la cantó el mar, la dijo
un pájaro.
Lo pensé en un momento:
todo me está pasando para que me enamore.

Luego se fue el verano.
El pájaro
más seco que la rama
no volvió a abrir el pico.

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